A Fresh Beginning


It took a global catastrophe that is Covid-19, to lay bare the undeniable inequalities in our societies in general and in our neighbourhood in particular.

When the pandemic hit and the whole country went into lockdown, it was, once again, our community that rose to the challenge and organised delivery of food and essentials to vulnerable residents of all ages.

It was through this endeavour and our extensive engagement with residents, that we were alerted to so much more than just isolation and food poverty in the immediate area and beyond.

We started supporting families with young children who were feeling the brunt of the economic impact of the pandemic, by providing baby essentials and went on to expand our reach far and wide, which demonstrated that the need for social and economic inclusion is not exclusive to our local area.

There are more than 150 baby banks across the UK but there were none in North Kensington Until the inception of Baby SPACE Network.

We believe everyone should be able to afford a reasonably comfortable life. Our mission isĀ  facilitate a fresh beginning for the new comers to this world and makeĀ  life a little easier for families with newborns and/or very young children.